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The Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) is producer-run organization that represents the interests of Ontario’s veal farmers. We work on a variety of industry projects and address issues directly impacting dairy calf and veal producers to create a proactive and engaged veal industry in Ontario.

Animal health and welfare are our top priorities. As a launching pad of resources, the VFO designed this website to provide relevant and timely information that will help continuously improve the care of all dairy calves and veal cattle, and allow producers to navigate challenges they may be experiencing around calf health, welfare and nutrition.

The VFO strongly supports and invests in research to understand calf management and best practices, with a strategic focus on maximizing calf health in Ontario to build healthy and productive herds while ensuring all calves receive the same high standard of care, regardless of gender. The licence fees collected help to advance the work of the VFO as we strategically address the needs of the industry and lay important foundation blocks that will serve our sector now and into the future. To learn more about veal cattle production, visit