Dr. Michael Ballou, a professor of nutritional immunology at Texas Tech University, headlines this year’s Building the Foundation: Dairy and Veal Healthy Calf Conference (HCC) program with a presentation on the art of calf nutrition. Learn from an expert how a proper diet can help minimize or prevent common problems like respiratory disease and scours.

Prof. Ballou will share the secrets to feeding calves to avoid these common diseases by developing calf immunity through nutrition.

His research is primarily focused on the influence of management and nutrition on health and performance of dairy calves, heifers and transition cows. Holding a PhD from University of California, Davis, he’s currently an Associate Dean for Research and professor of nutritional immunology at Texas Tech.

The HCC will be held November 27 in Stratford and November 29 in Maxville. Registration fees are $100 and include all seminars, tradeshow, lunch, conference proceedings and calf care resources. Click here to register.