Good management can prevent a number of health problems.

The 5 C’s

Successful calf management can be summed up in five words: Colostrum, Calories, Cleanliness, Comfort and Consistency.

Assessing calf health can save money, keep disease at bay
A standardized and timely calf health assessments can have a positive impact on the animal’s long-term productivity. The economic cost of diarrhea is significant at $33.46 per pre-weaned calf per year.

Calf feeding success with streamlined protocols: a producer success story
Rose and Henry Keunen are award-winning southwestern Ontario dairy farmers. Their innovative approach to problem-solving and their attention to even the smallest details are keys to their success, particularly when it comes to calf feeding. For the first 10 months of 2016, the Henro mortality rate of calves from birth to four months of age averaged 2.03 per cent.

Feeding to fight disease
Nutrition is also critical to fighting disease by providing calves with the resources they need. Conventional feeding of only 10% of body weight may not meet the calf’s requirements, particularly when the requirements change, such as with cold stress, heat stress, or disease.