Biosecurity is the protection of livestock, poultry and crops from any type of infectious agent whether viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic. It includes containment of these agents to prevent them from entering your operation, spreading within your operation, or from moving to another operation. People, animals, vehicles and equipment can be a source of disease pathogens […]


Transportation can be a stressful event for young calves as well as finished veal cattle. Simple practices can reduce the stress of transport and keep animals healthy and productive. Transport young calves with careThe success of the veal industry relised on the safe arrival of healthy young calves to the growing facility. Veal transportation video […]

Disbudding and dehorning

By Dr. Charlotte Winder, University of Guelph Preventing disbudding headaches Disbudding can be a stressful procedure for everyone……..including the person! No one likes to see their calves in pain, and sometimes this task gets avoided if we aren’t using appropriate preventative strategies. Luckily, there are easy ways we can prevent pain and discomfort for all […]

Important tips to improve calf comfort during castration

While not a practice typical in veal cattle production, the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Veal Cattle (the Code) outlines requirements for producers that incorporate castration into the management of their dairy feeder calves that may be destined for the dairy-beef market. The herd veterinarian is part of the farm management […]


Are your calves having fun? When we house calves in environments with easy access to everything they need, such as a clean bed, fresh water, milk/milk replacer, and calf starter, calves end up with free time! Should we provide them with something to do?

Offer scouring calves the right electrolyte, the right way, to ensure success

Navigating different oral electrolyte options, and when to offer them, can get a bit confusing. They’re not created equally—each one boasts different benefits, some have DIN labels, and others are considered nutritional supplements. Choosing the right one to help combat dehydration and metabolic acidosis in scouring calves, which to offer after transport, and how to […]


Stress is defined as any physical or psychological discomfort. Studies have shown that when animals are stressed, it results in reduced feed conversion, greater production of manure, a decrease in the level of immunity and an increase in the excretion rate of pathogenic bacteria in their manure. Every effort should be made to reduce stress […]