Respiratory problems

Early detection is extremely important for the successful treatment of respiratory disease and preventing the long-term impact of respiratory disease on calf health, welfare, and productivity. Signs of respiratory illness: Elevated respiratory rate Normal: 24-36 breaths per minute for calves less than one-month-old, 15-30 breaths/minute for older calves Fever Newborn temperature over 40.5ºC, older calf […]

Salmonella Dublin

A threat has been found in Ontario – recent tests have revealed Salmonella Dublin in a veal calf operation. This bacteria can cause massive devastation to a herd and is transmissible to humans as well as other species. Frequently, this bacteria is antibiotic-resistant, making heightened biosecurity measures crucial to maintain herd health status. Producers are urged to take precautions with new or […]


Neonatal calf diarrhea, also known as scours, is one of the most common calfhood illnesses and can be a big problem for producers. Calf scours are caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, or can be brought on by stress, but not by feeding too much milk or milk replacer. Scours can prove to be deadly for […]