Symptoms and signs of disease

Early disease detection
Download our booklet on why calves get sick, the importance of colostrum, indicators of health and sickness, and working with your veterinarian.

Assessing calf health
Print out this cheat sheet and post it in your calf barn for a quick reference on assessing whether a calf is healthy or sick.

Monitoring calf health with the Smart Calf System
Calf behaviour is a great indicator of health and welfare. Calf managers know the key to success is watching calf behaviour, knowing what is normal, and responding to changes. However, most farms don’t have the luxury of having staff standing by the calf pen to observe their behaviour all day long, and it can be difficult training people to notice small behavioural changes that could indicate a health or welfare problem if they aren’t watching calves all day. Luckily, innovative technology companies have developed sensors and computers to perform this vital task.