Careful use of antibiotics can keep the valuable resource available and effective for the future.

Enhance veal cattle welfare while reducing antimicrobial use

Resistance (%) to 0-9 antimicrobial classes among E.coli strains in different production animal species in the Netherlands (1998-2012). Yellow represents no resistance. Note how little resistance is present in dairy cattle compared to veal production.

How insights into antimicrobial use in Europe can help Canadian farmers enhance welfare while reducing antimicrobial use – two of our major animal care goals.

What’s happening with antibiotic stewardship and where do farmers fit in?
Changes are afoot when it comes to the use of antibiotics in livestock production. Growing concern over antimicrobial resistance is behind a new federal framework released in fall 2016, and everyone in the industry has a role to play to ensure farmers will still have access to needed medication.

Calves, antimicrobials, and you: how dairy producers can prevent antibiotic residues in calves
Since not all calves go to a veal barn for finishing (some can go from an auction barn straight to processing), dairy producers have a key role to play when it comes to ensuring food safety through responsible antimicrobial use in bob calves.